Odo of Chateauroux’s sermon concerning saint Anthony of Padua – Edition by Eve Defaÿsse

Edition by: Eve Defaÿsse <eve.defahysse@yahoo.fr>

Developed by: Richard Hadden

The Manuscript

Odo of Chateauroux (~1190-1273), cardinal bishop of Tusculum (1254), has written other a thousand sermons during his life, he is one of the most prolific preacher of his time, and therefore an important source to understand the preaching art during the second hald of the XIIIth century. Among Odo’s sermons “De Sancti”, four are dedicated to saint Anthony of Padua and prove the growing popularity of this saint in the Curia during the 1260’s.

The sermon I focused on for this edition is first found in a pisan manuscript dated from 1268 to 1271, it is listed as the n°914 in the Repertorium der lateinischen Sermones des Mittelalters.

The Digital Edition

For this prototype edition I wanted to focus on the readibility of the text, this is why I have shown its divisions according to the thematics, and I have put the biblical citations in italic with foot-notes in pop-up features. The tool box on the right side allow the reader to highlight the sources which are not from the bible, and it provides some analysis about the main subject of this sermon : the origins of the Jewish Law and its obsolescence as soon as the christian time began.

The text used for this edition is from the ms. Cateriniana 21, preserved in Pise, but I have pointed out the variations from the other source, the roman AGOP XIV 35, which is a bit later than the pisan manuscript and of a lower quality.

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