La dottrina del parlare e del tacere. V Volgarizzamento di Andrea da Grosseto – Edition by Matteo Luti

Edition by  Matteo Luti <>

Developed by Elisa Nury

About the manuscript

La dottrina del parlare e del tacere translated into vernacular by Andrea da Grosseto is the first italian translation of De doctrina loquendi et tacendi, a latin moral treatise written in 1245 by Albertano, a judge from the city of Brescia in the North of Italy. With De doctrina loquendi, Albertano intended to discipline the social behaviour of the citizens of italian medieval cities;.he regards speech as the foundation of social interaction, and gives instruction in knowing when and how to speak appropriately, and when to be silent.
The auctor of the italian translation, Andrea da Grosseto, is mentioned in the explicit of the text, saying he made his translation in 1268 when he was in Paris. This few informations are the only thing we know about him.

The Andrea’s translation of the De doctrina loquendi et tacendi survives into three manuscripts:

  1. Firenze, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Conv. soppr. F IV 776.
  2. Firenze, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Gadd. reliqui 143.
  3. Genève, Bibliothèque Publique et Universitaire, Comites Latentes, 112.

In 1873 the scholar Francesco Selmi provided an edition of the text considering only one manuscript: Firenze, BNC, conv. soppr. F IV 776.

Aim of the digital edition

My aim was to publish the text by preserving all its variety. To do so, instead of choosing either one version or the other (and select only one manuscript), I decided to edit the common part of the text by following the typical criteria of Lachmann’s method. All the rejected variants of the mss. are given in an apparatus. As to the different epilogues of the Novas, I gave the possibility to read one version or another by clicking on a button, but I also provided the possibility of reading them simultaneously, in order to appreciate both versions and compare them.

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