Novas del Papagai – edition by Cesare Mascitelli

Novas del Papagai, by Arnaut de Carcassès
Edition by Cesare Mascitelli <>

About the edition: The “Novas del Papagai” is a short narrative text in eight-syllable verses which dates back to the half of XIiI century. It’s author is an otherwise unknown Arnaut de Carcassès, a troubadour who was probably active in Southern France. The text is preserved by 4 different manuscripts but the most complete ones have two different developments, so we can appreciate the “Novas” with two different epilogues and with a bunch of intriguing textual variants.

Aim of the digital edition: My aim was to publish the text by preserving all its variety. To do so, instead of choosing either one version or the other (and select only one manuscript), I decided to edit the common part of the text by following the typical criteria of Lachmann’s method. All the rejected variants of the mss. are given in an apparatus. As to the different epilogues of the Novas, I gave the possibility to read one version or another by clicking on a button, but I also provided the possibility of reading them simultaneously, in order to appreciate both versions and compare them.

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