Bærings saga – edition by Markéta Ivánková

Bærings saga
Edition by Markéta Ivánková <marketa.ivankova@email.cz>

About the edition: The edition contains the part of the Bærings saga that is extant on all four of its oldest manuscripts, compilations of chivalric sagas and legends of the saints. The Bærings saga is an Old Norse prose fiction, a tale of a knight who fights for glory in numerous tournaments and perilous encounters to avenge his father and marry his true love. The importance of the saga lies mainly in the early date of its origin and in the circumstances of its later transmission.

Aim of the digital edition: The aim of my edition was to provide detailed representations of the orthography and textual changes in the part of the Bærings saga that is extant in its oldest manuscripts (one being a fragment), so that conclusions could be made concerning the shifts of the saga throughout the Icelandic manuscript transmission, for which the previous edition did not provide sufficient information. Thus, both the abbreviated and extended forms of words were included into this edition, as well as graphical markers for the added/omitted material.

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