Francesco Stella

marzo09Francesco Stella (b. 1962) is full professor of Medieval Latin Literature, Digital Philology and Translation Studies at the University of Siena. He has been Head of the Dept. of Classics and Cultural Heritage, and is now director of the Center for Comparative Studies “I Deug-Su” and coordinator of the professional Master Program on Digital Edition. His publications concern both comparative literature, and interpretation and edition (paper and digital) of Christian and medieval Latin literature (esp. poetry). He is general editor of Corpus Rhythmorum Musicum and Archivio della Latinità italiana del Medioevo . He also managed national and international programs for philological application of computing such as Filologia digitale  di testi mediolatini (PRIN 2002-2006), Digital Resources and Medieval Manuscripts (Erasmus IP 2003), Digital philology and medieval texts (MIUR-Interlink 2006-10), Atelier numérique sur les textes et les manuscrits médiévaux (Galileo 2007, 2009), and the Italian-Korean research project Hagiographica Coreana.  He is member of the Academia Europaea and of the boards of some academic journals, societies and foundations in Italy, Europe, USA. Founder of Semicerchio. Rivista di poesia comparata, he is editor of the series «Scrittori latini dell’Europa medievale» (Pacini, Pisa), granted by the European Program Culture 2009.