Carol Demessieux

Carol Demessieux is currently working as an archivist for the Grand Lyon in France. She received her first Master’s degree in Medieval History from Lyon II University in 1997, for which she transcribed, translated and studied historical documents relating to the trial between Montmajour Benedictines and Antonines during the Council of Basel, dealing with the ownership of saint Antony’s relics. She worked for several years as a historical guide and Latin translator for the museum of Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye before receiving a second M.D. in Web marketing and Online Communication from Lyon II University in 2001 and moved on to online communication being also a new media enthusiast.

After her eleven-year career as a web marketing manager, she renewed with her former life as a historian and received a third M.D. in Archives Management from Lyon III University in 2014. She then took the position of archivist in Lyon, all the while carrying on with her studies for a Master’s degree in Medieval History.

I am currently studying Medieval History at EHESS, Lyon III University. My work focuses on the political strategy of the social élite of Lyon during the Armagnac / Bourguignon episode of the Hundred Years’ War through the financing of the city’s defence. This work will lead to the edition of some of the sources I work on in Lyon Archives and the Digital Edition of Medieval Texts courses will provide interesting inputs for my research.