David Harrap

I obtained a BA from Fitzwilliam College Cambridge with honours; my third-year dissertation dealt with the representation of Henry VIII in print and was titled ‘Typological Allegory and the Language of the Royal Supremacy’.  I then proceeded to Mphil (from which I graduated with honours); my snapshot 1dissertation this time was on the theology of the Elizabethan proto-Congregationalist Henry Barrow and was titled ‘Henry Barrow, the Bible and the Language of the Royal Supremacy’.  I am now working on a PhD at QMUL supported by the Vice Principal’s Research Award.  My current
project deals with the reception of the Imitatio Christi in England and the formation of solitary devotional practices in the fifteenth century, and their continuation over the course of the Reformation.

My project makes use of handwritten marginalia as a source for the reception of the text by English scribes, publishers and readers of the text.  The project I will be undertaking as part of the DEMM will be to collate the marginalia pertaining to five selected Chapters of the Musica Ecclesiastica, which is the name of the Latin recension of the Imitatio circulating in England during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.