Eve Defaÿsse

Eve_DefaysseI am a first-year MA student at the ENSSIB (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Sciences de l’Information et des Bibliothèques) based in Lyon. I have a BA in History and a first MA in Late Antiquity and Early Medieval History. I am curently working under the supervision of Alexis Charansonnet on Odo of Châteauroux’s work on saint Anthony of Padua.

My project focuses mainly on four sermons (RLS 611, 612, 913, 914), extracted from two manuscripts : a roman manuscript of Santa Sabina which preserves the general archives of the Dominican Order (AGOP 35) and a Pisian one (Caterina 21). Their study would allows us to trace the development of saint Anthony’s cult shortly after his death in lay and ecclesiastical spheres.  This is particularly pertinent in examining the secular sphere during the tremulous secular-mendicant conflicts at the University of Paris, through the view of Odo of Châteauroux (1190?-1273), a cardinal with a strong affiliation with the Mendicant Orders.

The electronic edition of these sermons would complete Odo’s Franciscan corpus on Sermones.net.