Vera Vejrychová

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI gained an M.A. degree in history and French philology (Palacký University in Olomouc) and am currently completing my Ph.D. in medieval history under the joint supervision of Charles University in Prague and Paris-Sorbonne. In my thesis project, I analyse Jean Froissart´s Chronicles from a perspective which seeks to shed light on his concept of historical writing and, most importantly, on its evolution within Froissart´s lifetime. Hence, the textual comparison of the four books of the Chronicles and of their different redactions constitutes the basis of my approach.

In my DEMM project, I would like to edit a passage from Froissart´s Chronique de Flandre (BNF, ms. fr. 5004), simultaneously with the same passage contained in the Chronicles (manuscript BNF, ms. fr. 2644). Since 2007, the project “The online Froissart” run by the Universities of Sheffield and Liverpool, has been providing digital edition of multiple Froissart´s manuscripts. One of the main goals of this enterprise is to enable the study of textual variants. Inspired by “The online Froissart”, my project aims at comparison of manuscript texts which have not yet been edited.