Andrea Giraudo

Andrea Giraudo graduated in 2012 in Romance Philology at the University of Turin, with a thesis concerning the edition of two medieval Waldensian sermons. Since then, he has been working and publishing papers on that corpus, as well as the critical edition of the sermons referable to the 1st and 2nd Sunday of Advent.

Currently, Andrea is a PhD student in Romance Philology at the University of Siena. For the DEMM Programme, he works on the Roman des trois ennemis de l’homme, an Old French moral poem (XIII century) dealing with the three enemies of mankind (the devil, the flesh and the world).  Both copies of the text (complete version in ms. Paris, Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal, 5201 réserve; fragments in ms. Orléans, Médiathèque Municipale, 932) show an interesting series of marginal notes, in latin and french. The aim of the DEMM project is to provide  a short  digital edition of the Roman with two main goals: showing the variance between the two copies, and allowing the reader to see the notes in their exact position on the manuscript, in order to have a more realistic view of the relationships between text and marginalia.