Karel Pacovský

I am a first-year Master’s degree student in Medieval Latin and Translation Studies (Czech–German) at Charles

University  in Prague. I am interested in church history, monasticism, royal coronations, and the history of Central Europe (especially of the Holy Roman Empire) in the later Middle Ages and early modernity. In my research, I focus on the history of St George’s Convent of Benedictine nuns in Prague Castle.


Within the DEMM program I edit one chapter of the only known feminine version of the Rule of St Benedict from medieval Bohemia, preserved in manuscript I F 29 at the Czech National Library, which dates to the early 15th century. It contains many interlinear glossesand an extensive commentary of the rule in the margins, addressed to the Benedictine nuns in Prague. The text was written in Latin but also includes many Czech glosses and insertions.