Martin Šorm

I gained an M.A. in History (Charles University in Prague) and currently I am working on a Ph.D. thesis in medieval history. My research examines the Czech medieval entertaining literature, as preserved in manuscripts from the second half of the 15th century. My primary source is the so-called Pinvička’s collection (Prague, NM II F 8), containing also a variant of the Arthurian epic poem Tandariáš (ff. 160r-176r). I would like to articulate interpretations of the three versions of this poem as preserved in three manuscripts. As a second step, my aim will be to define some specific fields of interest, points of view and favourite motifs of the Pinvička’s collection as a textual and semantic unit.

For my DEMM project I edit a passage from the Old Czech Tandariáš of the “Arthurian” manuscript G 10, n. 558 (NA Brno, ff.
203r-242r), which has not yet been digitised nor edited (differently from the other two remaining versions: ms. Warszawa, BN 12594 II, /Loriš 1903/; and Pinvička’s versin /Marečková–Petrů 1984/) and has received the least attention. The only critical edition of Tandariáš, by U. Bamborschke (1982) is based on a comparison of the three preserved versions, but does not give a clear idea of the exact reading in the Brno manuscript, chosen as the basis for this project.

In cooperation with my colleague Matouš Jaluška, who works on the same task with another passage, I treat part of the ending of the story. Our aim is to provide both transcription and transliteration of the chosen passage, to indicate variants from other versions of the story and to complete the edition with translation into modern Czech as well as English prose. The project is related to the intentions of the Institute of Czech Literature of the CAS to prepare a new edition of Tandariáš, and follows my long-term interest and research of the story.