Matouš Jaluška

I obtained my MA in history and comparative literature at Charles University Prague, where I am now finishing a PhD in general and comparative literature.  My thesis aims at showing the unexpected usability of twentieth-century game theories for reading the high-to-late medieval manuscripts of Romance poetry (esp. Cantigas de Santa Maria and troubadour chansonniers).

Recently I have participated in various projects popularizing medieval literature under the auspices of public broadcaster Czech Radio and the Department for Research into Old Czech Literature of the Institute of Czech Literature, Czech Academy of Sciences. This experience, together with the enduring interest of the Institute in publishing editions of premodern texts in a form accessible to general public, motivates my DEMM project.  In it I will cooperate with Martin Šorm to present a new and digitally enhanced edition of an Old Czech chivalric romance Tandariáš a Floribella coupled with modern Czech and English translation and linked to relevant passages of its model, the Middle High German Tandareis und Flordibell.