Arius’ Thalia Fragments – edition by Viacheslav Lytvynenko

Arius’ Thalia Fragments: Old Slavonic Version of Athanasius’ Orationes Contra Arianos 1.5-6
Edition by Viacheslav Lytvynenko <>

About the edition: The present edition of Orationes Contra Arianos 1.5-6 is based on a 15th century MS preserving a 10th century Old Slavonic translation of the Greek text, originally written by Athanasius of Alexandria between 356 and 360 AD.

Aim of the digital edition: Being part of a much larger patristic text, CA 1.5-6 contains a set of quotations from the otherwise lost work Thalia, written by Athanasius’ opponent Arius of Alexandria. The Old Slavonic MS (Pogodinskij # 968, placed in the main text of this edition) is the best witness for the original text represented by the so-called x-tradition of the Greek MSS from the 10th-12th centuries. This edition includes variants from four other Old Slavonic MSS and provides a comparison with the Greek text.Being part of a bigger project, CA 1.5-6 will be included in the publication of the full text of Orationes Contra Arianos with the variants from all ten surviving MSS. This edition will provide an English translation of the Old Slavonic text, a brief introduction and the stemma. It is designed to serve two groups of scholars (Greek patristics scholars and slavistics scholars), and will be published in the series Patrologia Orientalis as part of the UNCE project (UNiverzitních výzkumných CEnter) in the post-doc program at the Charles University of Prague.

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