Editions Sandbox

At the culmination of each years’ School, students work with developers to produce a set of online editions showcasing different aspects of their texts, and different capabilities of digital publishing.  Whilst we strive for the highest standards in scholarship and technology, these editions are the product of no more than five days intensive work and have not been subject to a full editorial process or peer review.  They are posted ‘as-is’ should be treated as prototypes demonstrating the rich and varied potential of digital editing; they are the beginning of a conversation, not the final word.

The Editions

Named Entities

These projects look at so-called ‘named entities’, in this case people and places that appear within the chosen manuscripts.

We make use of the TEI <listPerson> and <listPlace> elements, and some online mapping tools.

Text Variance

These editions explore various ways of visualising variations between different editions of a manuscript.


These editions explore different ways of publishing the text of a manuscript and a photographic facsimile in tandem, and of allowing interaction between these two elements.  The students working in this group were particularly interested in the formal characteristics of their manuscripts.

Parallel texts

These editions explore ways of presenting the reader with two editions of a text in parallel.


These editions cover a range of characteristics that do not fall into other categories