Resources for Editing Medieval Texts

From Sheep to Shelf: An Illustrated Guide to Medieval Manuscripts for Students

Edited by Martin Haltrich, Edith Kapeller and Julia Anna Schön, with contribution from Michael Grall, Sarah Hutterer and Larissa Rasinger

Digital Editions

Francesco Stella, Digital Editions of Medieval Texts

Ondrej Tichy and David Harrap, Digital Editions for Corpus Linguistics


Introductions to Medieval Manuscripts and Their Analysis

Martin Haltrich and David Harrap, Medieval Latin Manuscripts in a Short Digest

Farkas Kiss, Identifying (Latin) Texts and Sources

Michal Dragoun, Physical Description of Manuscripts


The Study of Central European Manuscripts

Hana Patkova, Latin Palaeography in Central Europe

Hana Patkova, Script in Town Books in Late Medieval Bohemia

Maria Theisen, Descriptive Directory of Illuminated Manuscripts and Incunabla Held by the Austrian National Library

Michal Dragoun, The History of Books and Libraries in Bohemia