Aenigmata Tullii, Edition by Giulia Farina

Aenigmata Tullii, a few riddles from a merovingian collection
Edition by Giulia Farina <>

About the edition: The corpus of the “Aenigmata Tullii” is an anonymous latin riddle collection, known variously as Aenigmata BernensiaAenigmata Tullii or Aenigmata Quaestionum artis    rhetoricae: it’s a collection of 63 hexastic riddles. We find mostly as subjects of the sixty-three riddles of the Bern collection a description of every-day objects, like, e.g., the broom, or the pot. As many scholars said, though the author of these riddles seems to be quite original, he must have taken certain subjects from Symphosius, an unknown VI century poet who had written a collection of one hundred riddles, on every-day life and objects.

Aim of the digital edition: What I wanted to do in this prototype edition was to manage to show in a rapid way the established text, and also the variants and the differences between the manuscripts, so every scholar who wants to study this corpus could better check the text and the manuscripts, in order to find out errors, differences, and so on.