Jan Ctibor

jcI am a third-year MA student in Classical Latin and Medieval Latin Studies at the Charles University in Prague, having finished my BA in Classical Latin and Ancient Greek. My thesis explores M. Cornelius Fronto and his conception of rhetorics and language. For several years, I have been participating in the National Library project Manuscriptorium, where I work on the digitization of old printed books (conversion to XML). I spent the last academic year in Siena through the Erasmus Exchange program.


My project concentrates on a sermon collection combined by Mattheus Beran (d. 1462) in 1417, currently kept in the Library of the National Museum in Prague, cod. XVI E 11. The collection is a precious source of Catholic preaching in Bohemia at the time of the birth of the Hussite movement. For the digital edition within DEMM, I will select a specific sermon and compare it to its model(s).